Commercial Credit Application and Agreement


Credit References


RoHillco Business Services, LLC (RoHillco) agrees to sell services to the applicant on the following conditions

Any charge that falls within a month is due in full on a net basis on or before the 15th day of the month following. Any charge that is not paid within those terms shall be deemed late and will be subject to a finance charge of 2% monthly (24% annually).

RoHillco must be notified in writing within 10 days of the invoice date if any portion of the invoice charge is disputed. Applicant agrees that all undisputed charges will be paid pursuant to the terms for sale.

Applicant agrees that any state sales tax will be the responsibility of the applicant in the event that RoHillco cannot or does not collect appropriate taxes from applicant.

In the event any sum due on the applicants account is placed with a collection agency, applicant agrees to pay any and all associated costs including legal fees, filing fees including lien filing costs and collection agency fees. In the event that litigation arises from the collection effort, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover attorney fees and court cost at trial and on appeal.

Applicant hereby authorizes RoHillco to investigate applicant's credit history, references and historical information.


In processing right to lien notices, liens and bond claims, we must rely on information provided by you for proper processing. On all information provided we will send a confirmation verifying what information has been received. Please always verify this information for accuracy. We cannot be responsible for any damages or liability that results in erroneous information provided to us or not confirmed by you.

In addition, we receive several returned mails items each week. Many of the returned items are simply unclaimed articles and do not impact your ability to perfect your lien rights, When mail is returned we will attempt to the best of our ability to take immediate action to ensure that the notice is resent. We cannot be responsible for any damages or liability that results from erroneous information provided to us by third parties.

The undersigned, as authorized representative for the applicant understands and agrees to the terms for sale and sales agreement as defined above and certifies that the information contained herein is true and complete.